George's Humungous Body Isn't Just Great For Cuddling, It's Also Her Crutch

Best dog ever.

Diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome when she was just 2-years-old, Bella's bones are extremely weak.


Morquio Syndrome is a rare genetic disease that doesn't allow bones and connective tissues to grow. 

Unfortunately, the disease only gets worse as a child ages. Luckily for Bella, there is someone who will put up the fight with her.

Meet George!

George is a Great Dane and is not only huge, weighing in at 131 lbs, but he also has a humungous heart. 

Thanks to this lovable giant, 43-pound Bella can now get around without her crutches.

Together, this pair roams the hallways of school together...

They go to gym class...

Catch some big waves...

And of course eat lunch together.

The duo first met this past year at the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, MA and were immediately inseparable. 

Thanks to George, Bella now has a much easier life and a new awesome best friend.

Watch the full story below.


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