The Important Reason George Takei Recorded His Latest Facebook Video In Spanish

His message couldn't be more relevant.

Star Trek actor George Takei regularly uses social media to share memes and funny links. But it has also frequently been a platform for Takei to speak out on important issues.  

On Thursday, Takei used Facebook to share a video message urging Latinos to vote against Donald Trump in the presidential election. He recorded the entire video in Spanish, with English subtitles.

Takei writes in the video's caption that while many people may not be aware he speaks Spanish, he had many Mexican American neighbors growing up in Los Angeles.

"I want to give some personal, historical perspective on how Donald Trump's words and plans can have very real and terrible consequences," Takei says at the start of the video.


He goes on to share his experience as a victim of racial profiling in the 1940s, when he and his family spent four years in an internment camp because of their Japanese heritage.

"We were targets simply because we happened to look like the people who bombed Pearl Harbor," he says.

Takei likens this anti-Japanese sentiment to Donald Trump's "dehumanizing" rhetoric about Mexican immigrants. His memories of the racist treatment he and his family received highlight the dangers of this kind of thinking.

"I still remember the day armed guards marched up our driveway with bayonets, ordering us out of our home. I remember my mother's tears as we took with us only what we could carry, and lost all that we had worked so hard for."

Takei argues that Trump displays the same "fears and ignorance" that once made so many American citizens like Takei prisoners in their own country. 

Takei's message couldn't be more relevant, as just last night Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination for president and delivered a speech in which he once again associated illegal immigration with increased crime and repeated his plans to build a wall along the Mexican border.

This isn't the first time Takei has drawn on his own personal history to take a stand against Trump. Earlier this year he also spoke out against the candidate's proposed ban on Muslim immigrants.

"Donald Trump is a dangerous man," Takei says in closing, "but your votes can ensure he never comes to power, and history cannot repeat."

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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