George Takei Dismantles Donald Trump's Interpretation Of Traditional Marriage With A Single Statement


If Donald Trump thought that the spectacle that was his presidential bid announcement was a good way to launch his candidacy, he seemed to have gravely miscalculated. His incendiary remarks on Mexican immigrants led to a slew of corporations severing their association with him and his enterprises like flies, and he looks set to continue on the downward trajectory of spewing absurdist, inflammatory opinions. Now, speaking about another issue that will further distance the real estate mogul from moderate voters is "Star Trek" actor and King Of The Internet George Takei, who discussed gay marriage with Donald Trump a while back. 

Recounting the conversation with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, Takei said the two once discussed marriage equality over lunch. The next time they saw each other, Trump told him that he had just come from the same-sex wedding of high profile Broadway personality Jordan Roth to producer Richie Jackson. Trump said it was a "beautiful marriage" of two of his "wonderful friends." 

Yet, when asked why he couldn't support gay marriage despite attending them, Takei, who is openly gay and happily married, recalled Trump saying that he supported traditional marriage. They eventually agreed to disagree, but Takei noted, "he was for traditional marriage, despite the fact that he'd been married three times. That is not traditional."

After the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Takei tweeted:


Trump's is a familiar argument many conservatives make about marriage equality — because they believe in traditional marriage being between a man and a woman, they therefore cannot support gay marriage. 

Takei said that he approved of Trump's three-time marriage because "you want to find the person that you love, but the important thing here is to understand that our democracy is a dynamic democracy, and our Constitution is a living document, it's not carved in stone." He continued with biting frankness:

I think Donald Trump's interpretation of marriage is something that he himself doesn't really believe in. 'Traditional marriage' is where two people love each other, commit to each other, care for each other over the years. It is a meaningful ceremony, and his interpretation of that is not recognizing what real marriage is.

George Takei came out as gay in 2005, and has since been at the forefront of tackling misconceptions about same-sex marriage — with humor, grace and not a little bit of sarcasm.

He also wrote a scathing takedown of Justice Clarence Thomas' marriage equality dissent on MSNBC. Thomas had written that "those in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them," but as a child who spent four years in a Japanese American internment camp, Takei disagreed:

To say that the government does not bestow or grant dignity does not mean it cannot succeed in stripping it away through the imposition of unequal laws and deprivation of due process. At the very least, the government must treat all its subjects with equal human dignity. To deny a group the rights and privileges of others, based solely on an immutable characteristic such as race — or as in Obergefell [v. Hodges], sexual orientation — is to strip them of human dignity and of the liberty to live as others live.

George Takei: actor, Internet guru and social justice fighter. 

[Cover image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr]


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