George Clooney Helps Make 87-Year-Old Fan's Dream Come True With One Simple Gesture

Bonus: He brought flowers.

Not only is George Clooney an A-list actor, but apparently he's a pretty swell guy, too.

The two-time Oscar winner just made an elderly woman's dreams come true with a simple visit to her nursing home, Sunrise of Sonning Retirement and Assisted Living Facility in the U.K., on what happened to be the week of her 87th birthday.


"Well, I just thought, 'Ooo, is it really George Clooney?' And anyway it was. And he is a charming man, just a very nice man," Pat Adams, the lucky retiree in question, told Entertainment Tonight. "He's a lovely man and he does a lot of good. I've such a hectic day. It's all been wonderful, believe you me!"

Linda Jones, an employee at the facility, said Clooney arrived like it was no big deal and brought along a bouquet and a signed card for Adams, and confirmed that, yes, he is "very good looking" on top of being "absolutely lovely."

"I know the flowers won't last forever but the card will and I'm keeping that card," Adams told the BBC. The card, by the way, reads: "Pat, I thought you'd like some flowers! With love, George."

Adams got this opportunity through the home's Wish Upon a Star initiative, as it was her lifelong desire to do so. Another employee at the facility, Georgina Williams, explained how the staff had written in the newsletter that Adams wanted to meet Clooney and then sent him a copy. The next thing they knew, he showed up.

Adams said she doesn't think she'll ever wash her hands again since Clooney held them and assured everyone that this will be a day she never forgets.


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