For Amal And George Clooney, Standing With Shooting Survivors Means More Than Giving Money

"Our children’s lives depend on it."

With George and Amal Clooney leading the charge, Hollywood is rallying behind the surviving students from Stoneman Douglas High School. On Valentine's Day, 17 people, including adults and teens, were killed at the Parkland, Fla. school. This spawned yet another debate about gun control, but these inspiring young people who survived the event are doing a whole lot more and taking the fight to Washington, D.C. for a "March For Our Lives" next month.


"Amal and I are so inspired by the courage and eloquence of these young men and women from Stoneman Douglas High School," the actor said in a statement. "Our family will be there on March 24 to stand side by side with this incredible generation of young people from all over the country, and in the name of our children Ella and Alexander, we're donating $500,000 to help pay for this groundbreaking event. Our children's lives depend on it."

This isn't surprising as the couple has been generous in the past. They've vowed to help send Syrian children to school to learn to be future leaders, help stop hate in its tracks after Charlottesville, and help refugees get a solid standing — even inviting one into their home. This latest act, though, set off a chain reaction that resulted in other power players getting involved.

"George and Amal, I couldn't agree with you more. I am joining forces with you and will match your $500,000 donation to 'March For Our Lives,' " Oprah Winfrey tweeted. "These inspiring young people remind me of the Freedom Riders of the 60s who also said we've had ENOUGH and our voices will be heard."

In addition to Oprah, we've also seen the likes of Jeffrey and wife Marilyn Katzenberg as well as Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw match the $500,000 donation — bringing the total just from everyone mentioned here to $2 million. You may know these men for their work in movies, with Katzenberg being a former Disney chairman and Spielberg for numerous beloved films — both are co-founders of DreamWorks Animation, too.

According to the website for the event, March For Our Lives is meant to demand change and help our politicians see that something needs to be done to stop mass shootings — especially in schools. "Change is coming," the mission statement reads. "And it starts now, inspired by and led by the kids who are our hope for the future. Their young voices will be heard."

(H/T: The Wrap)

Cover image via Mario Anzuoni / Reuters


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