Brilliant DIY Paper Masks That'll Save You From Failing At Halloween

Beyond awesome.

For the whole month, the Internet's been oozing with extraordinary Halloween ideas—from sexy spooky makeup, to interactive costumes, to witty couple and baby dress ups.

Yet, not all of us have the skills or time to prepare a stunning Halloween outfit. There's now a solution for slackers like us. Photographer and craftsman Steve Wintercroft has created a series of inexpensive DIY masks that you can assemble yourself.


Wintercroft has made a series of cardboard mask templates that you can download from his Etsy shop at a small fee. After printing and coloring the mask, you'll be able to turn into one of these amazing creatures.

"I am passionate about handmade, craftsmanship and quality. I started making things as a kid with my granddad and have never stopped," Wintercroft writes in his website.

Steve says the idea was born a couple of years ago when he received an invite to a Halloween party and didn't know what to wear.

"I sat down with a pile of old cardboard, some parcel tape, a pair of scissors and plenty of hot tea. An hour or so later and after some trial and error I had made myself a fox mask," Wintercroft explains

The mask was well received so he decided create more templates, write instructions and give them to the public. Wintercroft's goal is to create an eco-friendly product that could be easily assembled by anyone using local, recycled materials and reduce the energy waste.

"By supplying the templates digitally and enabling people to build the masks themselves, there is no energy wasted on manufacturing and shipping bulky templates and masks around the world," Steve writes in his website.

To find out more about Steve's DIY paper masks, visit his website and Etsy shop.

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