This Model Was Sick And Tired Of People Having Opinions About Her Body, So She Fought Back

'Live and let live.'

Meet Genevieve Barker, a gorgeous 26-year-old Australian model. Although some people might disagree with that.


No, it's not her age or nationality that baffled the Internet trolls. It's her looks. WHAT? Yes, read on.

Last week, Barker found herself in the center of an Internet drama caused by one of her Instagram pics. The black-and-white shot of Barker laying on the beach exposed her ribs in a way that lots of people found unnerving.

Comments like 'skeleton,' 'bag of bones' and 'gross' started pouring out. But Genevieve wasn't going to keep her mouth shut either ...

The image that sparked controversy was shot by photographer Brydie Mack for 'Souvenir' magazine.

Since posting on Instagram, the picture received a lot of attention with lots of negative comments from people who think Barker looks unhealthy, anorexic and shouldn't be representing beauty in any way. One user even encouraged her to "eat a burger."

But Genevieve wasn't having ANY of it.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she said it's really unfair how society professes double standards when talking about women's bodies. On one hand, everyone is condemning fat shaming, but on the other they think it's totally OK to criticize someone for being naturally thin.

Baker thinks that more focus should be put on both fat shaming and skinny shaming, because it's equally hurtful to men of all shapes and sizes.

'I work hard for my body, I am naturally slender, I work out most days. I essentially train like an athlete. I am healthy and strong and yes, thin,' she said in an interview.

But among all the trolls, there were also people who supported Baker and pointed out the fact that even though it's becoming socially unacceptable to call people "fat," it's still somehow OK to call skinny people "anorexic" and "gross." 

"Live and let live," wrote one user. "I applaud you for standing up to body shaming. I too have been told at times that I'm too thin and lack the curves to be considered a real woman, and I was so happy to read the article about you. It made me feel less alone, really," said another.

'All bodies are beautiful. YOU are beautiful! Power to the girls who don't conform to what society says a real woman should be. We are all real women after all.'


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