Gender Reveal Turns Into A Surprise Proposal, And We Can't Stop Cheering

So cute.

When one woman popped an oversized balloon in front of loved ones, she expected confetti inside to reveal her baby's gender. But thing's didn't exactly go as planned.

In a video on Facebook, Karina Argueta and her now-fiancé, Bay City Police Sgt. Leo Chevez, hold a big balloon, waiting to pop it. As viewers, we probably expect the balloon to burst open with blue or pink confetti, but instead, it popped and dropped a piece of paper to the ground.

"What the heck?" someone says off-camera.

"What?!" the mother-to-be says, seemingly confused. She then picks up the piece of paper and begins to read it while her boyfriend gets down on one knee without her looking. Little did Argueta know, but Chevez and her best friend planned a surprise proposal instead. 

"The letter asked, "Will you marry me?'" KHOU reports, adding that Argueta cried seeing Chevez on the ground.

"He was like, 'Please say yes,' " Karina Argueta tells the news outlet. "'Please, please say yes.'"

Of course, everyone in the crowd went wild, too. 

The video was submitted to the Love What Matters Facebook page by the woman's sister, Kim Argueta, 17. KHOU also reports that the family will be having a baby girl and have not yet announced a wedding date.

"This man has officially won the internet award today. You, sir, are the master of surprises," one person comments on the Facebook video. "Congratulations on the engagement AND the baby!!!"

Check it all out below:



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