9 Popular Stories With Disturbing Gender Ratios That Shouldn't Be

Where are the strong female characters?

Some of your favorite television shows, films and books feature too many male characters and sometimes very few female characters. Icelandic visual storytellers Sirrý Margrét Lárusdóttir and Smári Pálmarsson created a colorful infographic that reveals these lopsided gender ratios in popular fiction.

"In all our works we aim to defy convention in some small way, break down stereotypes," Smari wrote to A Plus. "It's painfully obvious that women are underrepresented everywhere in society – and that very much includes film, TV and literature."

The details on gender ratio for these fictional stories were not readily available, so Sirrý and Smári had to count the characters and crunch the numbers.

"I am a fan of all of the works of fiction present in my infographic," Smari wrote to A Plus. "I don't consider it a criticism of these stories or their authors. It's an observation and a social criticism. It's a problem that can only be solved if we make a note of it. It's something that won't change until we change it."

Here are 9 fictional stories and their disturbing gender ratios:


1. One ring to rule them all, because all of them are men.

2. The chronicles of gender imbalance.

3. Hogwarts seems to be dominated by one gender.

4. D'oh.

5. This show is balanced.

6. Most of the characters will probably die.

7. Tarantino could have written more female characters.

8. More female Jedi Knights needed.

9. A recent movie gets it right.


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