What Men Can Do To Address The Gender Pay Gap

As it stands, women make roughly 80 percent of what men do.

April 4 is recognized in the United States as Equal Pay Day: a day dedicated to acknowledging and hopefully reversing the disparity in wages between American men and women

According to CNN, Census Bureau and Labor Department data indicates that women earn approximately 80 cents to every dollar that men make, with even larger disparities seen along racial, educational, and socioeconomic lines. Although some might say that 20 cents isn't that big a deal, the National Women's Law Center is quick to point out that it adds up to an annual loss of $10,470 in median earnings.

Like so many other issues facing Americans in the 21st century, it is not enough to simply "raise awareness," a catch-all phrase so often synonymous with virtue signaling on social media or overhyped outrage. We are happy, then, to present things that men— and women — can do to address the gender pay gap,


1. Don't brush it off.

Like racism and sexism, the gender pay gap is an injustice. Don't normalize or trivialize it by making excuses, denying its existence, or otherwise trying to escape the uncomfortable realities of it. 

It exists. 

Confront it as a reality that affects people you know and love. 

2. Make your voice heard.

Stand up against unfair wage practices. Don't patronize businesses where female executives are known to be paid less than their male counterparts. Call your congressman and state legislators. Vote. Speak out on social media. Whatever you do, don't remain silent: you wouldn't simply keep your mouth shut if you saw someone being treated unfairly or being abused in public, would you?

3. Practice transparency in the workplace.

Many companies discourage employees from talking about their wages.

Screw that. Talk about your salaries. People have a right to know if they're being paid less for doing the same work as others. Talk to your colleagues. Address what needs addressing. 

These little efforts will build up over time. Don't get lulled into thinking you can't make a difference: you absolutely can.

Cover image via Shutterstock /  ian johnston.


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