Poignant Video Proves That Gender Inequality Doesn't Just Hurt Women


"Why are you crying?" "Man up." "That's a woman's role." "You can't let your woman talk to you like that."

These are phrases uttered constantly in our culture. And though women have been proven to suffer more at the hand of the patriarchy, a.k.a a culture dominated by men, guys also suffer when we pigeonhole people into gender stereotypes. 

MenEngage, a group working with over 600 organizations to promote gender equality, released a video featuring men and women reciting phrases they've heard that limit what they're allowed to think, feel and do — just because of their gender.

They want to eliminate phrases like:


"We wash, we iron, we clean."

"Man up."

"What are you doing changing the boy's diapers?"

Though they're just words, these phrases have a huge impact on the way each gender is treated, which shape what boys, and little girls think they're capable of.

Even A+ co-founder Ashton Kutcher recently mentioned in a Facebook post that there should be more diaper changing stations in men's bathrooms, serving as a prime example why gender inequality sucks.

Because we're made to believe caring for children is only a woman's job, business owners only put tables in women's restrooms. But when only women are enabled to care for their babies, men's role in fatherhood becomes that much harder and women continue to bear the responsibility. 

See how that works?

Watch the video below, and remember that gender equality isn't going to get better unless both men and women both demand change. 

Because ultimately...


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