12 Sweet Drawings That Show The Bond Between A Dog And His Owner

"If you allow yourself to love a dog and be loved, it is the most wonderful feeling."

Ever since she was a little girl, artist Gemma Gené has expressed herself through drawing. "I draw what upsets me, or what makes me happy or stuff I don't understand," the 32-year-old from Barcelona, Spain told A Plus. 

While Gené was working on her undergraduate architecture degree in Barcelona, she started 157ofgemma. The project was an online comic strip about her life that she dedicated time to for fun. But when she moved to New York to further her education, she realized she had too much on her plate to keep it up. 


That is, until Mochi, her adorable pug, came along. 

"When I started working in an architecture office, I started missing Mochi so much during the day – so very much! – that I started drawing about him on my subway commutes," Gené said. "I reprised the comic and it sort of became more about him because Mochi was what was most on my mind." 

Her new comic series highlights the special bond between owners and their dogs. The moments she draws of Mochi are ones other dog owners can relate to, or, at the very least, chuckle at. 

"Dogs love absolutely and have undying loyalty. If you allow yourself to love a dog and be loved, it is the most wonderful feeling," Gené said. "You might turn into a crazy dog lady, but that is a very small price to pay!" 

She hopes people who see her comics will help to change some of the attitudes people have surrounding dogs. "My hope is for people to understand that dogs are not objects, but sweet living animals with their own feelings and personalities," she said. "I wish to promote love to animals and for people to better understand and value the small little pleasures of living with a dog." 

Gené has learned a lot through the process of creating and sharing her fun doodles. While she spent much of her life feeling too self-conscious and embarrassed to share her art, she's realized that people all over the world find them relatable and even valuable. 

"People identify with the small idiosyncrasies of my relationship with Mochi and the response has been humbling and overwhelming," she said. "People see their dogs, cats, and kids in Mochi and have been very supportive of the cartoon. I feel we are a little sweet goofy community! In my experience the most popular cartoons have been the ones about my love for Mochi and his love for me." 

You can check out some of her heartwarming illustrations about what it's like to live with Mochi below.













Cover image via Unsplaash


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