In Recognition Of Lives Lost In Gaza, U.N. Security Council Pauses For Moment Of Silence

At least 60 people were killed.

On Monday, President Trump officially opened the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, a move that made real the administration's recent, controversial policy change to officially recognize of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The international community has avoided recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, as the city is also claimed by Palestine. The embassy opening was met with mass resistance that resulted in bloodshed along the Israeli-Gaza border.

According to multiple reports, at least 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers and 2,700 people were injured in the protest. 

On Tuesday morning, the United Nations Security Council paused for a moment of silence in respect for those who lost their lives. 


A close U.S. ally, Queen Rania of Jordan, tweeted out that it was "A dark and sad day in history, marked with more Palestinian sacrifices."

Per The Associated Press, Hamas, a militant group, claims that many of the protesters killed by Israeli soldiers were members of Hamas. 8 children are also among the dead, according to ABC News.

Moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was long one of Trump's campaign promises. As evidenced by the protests' deadly turn, many experts believe the decision will strengthen divides in the Middle East.

But for a moment on Tuesday, as seen in the NBC News video above, those present at the Security Council meeting stood together, completely silent, in recognition of the lives lost.

Cover image via Diego Grandi /


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