Man Proposes To His Boyfriend At Church And The Audience's Reaction Says It All


Trevor Harper and Davis Covin have been dating for nine years, so it's only fitting that a marriage proposal was on the horizon.

The two are also members of the First United Methodist Church of Austin, according to Buzzfeed News.


And recently, Harper decided to propose to Covin at that very church with encouragement from their pastor, Rev. John Wright.

Buzzfeed explains that while the church does not allow the wedding ceremony under its roof, Rev. Wright thought having the proposal take place there would be "beautiful way to honor their relationship." 

Because even though same-sex marriage is now legal across all fifty U.S. states, "The United Methodist Church forbids same-sex ceremonies taking place in their churches or being conducted by their ministers," explains.

But "[Wright] agreed that was a great way to let us have that moment in a place that we love,” Harper told Buzzfeed.

And indeed, what a moment it was...

After Harper got down on one knee, the entire congregation stood up, clapping and cheering with love and support.

"Your lifestyle, your sexuality, your choices, who you love — they don't define your right to search out the faith that makes you feel whole," he said.

And it looks like the congregation agrees.

"I cannot tell you what a difference you make in our lives. It's so important to us... Thank you so much," Harper says in the proposal video, addressing the crowd from the alter after the grand gesture (to which they received more applause).

Watch the incredible moment below:

"All are welcome," the video concludes.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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