Engaged Couple Invites Adele To Their Wedding After She Asks Them To Join Her On Stage

And wait until you hear what she says.

At an August 9 Adele concert in Los Angeles, one lucky couple was invited on stage by the star.

"I've spotted two people that I would like to meet," Adele says to the crowd in a video uploaded to Facebook. "They were dancing like no one was watching, but I was."

The couple, Vince Rossi and his fiancé Ryan, have been together for seven years and were engaged last August in London. Once on the stage with Adele, they took the opportunity to give her a very special and unexpected invitation — to their wedding. 


"I would love to come!" Adele responds. "Don't worry, I'll do it for free," she adds when asked for her rate.

They couple tells A Plus in an email that in addition to being fans, they truly admire Adele as both a performer and as a person. "I feel connected to her energy and positive presence that she consistently shows," Ryan explains. "She really stands out as someone who is grateful for all the opportunities that she has had."

The pair admits to being totally surprised by the singer's response to the invite, adding how kind and genuine the moment was.  

"The story is so weird because the day prior to the show, I had this weird dream and feeling that this would or could happen," Vince says. "The morning of the show I said to Ryan, jokingly, "If she brings us up there we should totally invite her to our wedding!" 

Though they've had a few days to reflect, Vince and Ryan say they are still in utter shock over the whole experience. 

"I think the crowd aspect just added to the excitement of the entire experience. Everyone was so warm and congratulatory of our engagement after the show! It was really something special," Vince says. 

Finally, in the video footage from the night, Vince remembers Adele telling all dreamers to "never stop dreaming."

"I broke down in tears after she said that. Ryan and I are in Los Angeles pursuing our dreams in entertainment." Vince, pursuing a new project with his pop band, WINSLET, explains. "This past year there's been so many ups and downs in the process of pursuing this project. My dream of being able to become a full-time musician and support our future family seems so attainable when [you hear] Adele say those words. It just hits you."

And, perhaps most importantly:

"I think everyone needs to hear these words. With all of the chaos happening around us in the world, sometimes it takes someone that inspires you to just tell you to follow your dreams [and say] 'Ya know what? I AM gonna keep going. And yeah, I will work this serving job, or work at this retail store, because I will succeed at what my dream is!'"

Check out the video footage below:

Whether or not Adele follows through, the onstage interaction was one to remember, and a great story the couple will always have. 


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