Bravest Man In The World Pulls Over Police Officer

This went better than expected.

Gavin Seim has no qualms keeping the police in order. 

The "constituional activist" from Washington recently flagged down a police officer driving in an unmarked vehicle. Seim approached the officer, almost mirroring your typical traffic stop, to tell him that he was in violation of the law. 

Seim's issue is centered on the idea that having real police officers in unmarked cars — which is against Washington State law — opens the door for police impersonators to put citizens in danger. 

"I'm not going to write you up today," Seim says. "What I am going to encourage you to do is take this car back."

While the officer seems both shocked and amused, the exchange remains surprisingly polite and on-topic. 

To read more about why Seim flagged the officer down, check out his website which explains the situation in full. 

(H/t Medialite)


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