The Reason Why These Athletes Are Smiling Will Make Your Heart Melt

"Hockey is hockey."

Whoever thinks that paralympic games can't complete with big league sports are sadly mistaken. And Gatorade asked a bunch of professional hockey players to drive that point home.

The sports drink company teamed up with a group of sledge hockey players — sledge hockey is a paralympic version of hockey played sitting down — to participate in a documentary about the sport. They had no idea that NHL favorites, like the Flyers' Claude Giroux and the Penguins' Sidney Crosby, would join them.

"After my accident, I didn't think I'd be able to play with them," says one player.

The point? To make it clear that playing a sport, whether standing up or sitting down, takes skill, hard work and passion — a trait all men on the ice shared.

"It doesn't matter whether it's sledge hockey or stand up hockey, blind hockey or amputee hockey," says a pro. "At the end of the day, hockey is hockey."

Amen to that.

(H/T: CNS Philly)


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