People Tried To Guess Her Age Based On Two Photographs. Their Answers Speak Lengths.

Say it isn't so.

Cosmetics brand Garnier wanted to show people the effect tiredness has on their skin, so they invited one woman to participate in a day-long experiment.


Using a photograph taken in the morning, Garnier asked people on the street to guess how old she was. Their answers varied but fell between 26 and 32.

Meanwhile, the woman went about her day as usual, documenting it with a camera mounted on her chest.

13 hours later, a second photo was taken. The interviewer asked more people to guess her age, this time based off of the second picture. Their answers were telling.

According to Garnier, the experiment, which was carried out under legal supervision, was aimed at discovering "how fatigue adversely affects a modern woman's skin." Garnier claims its findings suggest that tiredness can actually make you look 5 years older.

Research shows that facial cues of fatigue are likely to affect our interpersonal behavior and how we treat each other:

"This finding has potential implications related to perceived attractiveness and partner interactions. In fact, the desire to look less fatigued is one of the primary motivators for undergoing cosmetic surgery."

Watch the full video below.

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