Complete Strangers Were Asked To Rub Body Cream Onto Each Other's Bodies. It's Both Awkward And Insanely Cute.

The power of touch.

Inspired by the Tatia PIlieva's widely famous First Kiss video, Garnier France brings us this insanely cute, but also kind of steamy short movie. And we just can't get enough of it.

Strangers met for the first time on the set, where they were given pretty simple instructions. Nothing too crazy, really. Just apply body milk to each other's body. 

It's awkward — but in a cute way — and quickly gets pretty sensual. Oh the power of another human's touch.

As explained on Garnier's YouTube channel, most of participants were recruited via Garnier France Facebook page. Others were hired by the production company to make sure the "couples" were sufficiently diverse. But none of them knew what this experiment would be about before showing up on set. And you can tell just by watching them.

Scroll down for the entire video.


Uncomfortable giggles...

... blurting out stuff without thinking.

"Is there a part [of my body] you wouldn't want to massage," the guys says in french, then suddenly realizes how wrong it sounded. "No! But I mean..."

You said it yourself, mister.

Things get steamy.

The video is in French, but it's all in their body language, really.

We could watch this all day.

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