This Could Be The Most Affordable Fashion Trend Yet

We're never throwing another Skittles bag out again.

They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but this is taking it to a whole new level.


Florida-based designer and environmentalist Kristen Alyce has come up with a posh way to reuse everyday waste. She's giving it a second life as haute couture.

As reported by The Daily Mail, her company Garbage Gone Glam turns recyclable items, like candy wrappers and concert tickets, into fashionable cocktail dresses and ballroom gowns.

Alyce says she wanted to find a creative way to raise environmental awareness. Her first piece was a dress made entirely out of magazines and plastic bags.

Now she uses a variety of materials, including huge pasta bags, playing cards, discarded leaflets and posters.

What began as a single dress has grown into a full-time job.

And not a bad one, either. Alyce's eco-friendly gowns start at $500.

While these statement pieces might not be for everyone, Garbage Gone Glam is a guaranteed way to attract attention.

Would you want to wear a dress made of Skittles wrappers? Share your thoughts with us!

To see more of Alyce's unconventional designs, follow Garbage Gone Glam on Instagram and Facebook, or visit the company's website.

(H/T: Bustle, The Daily Mail)

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