They Interviewed Moms And Kids On The Idea Of 'A Perfect Mother' And Their Answers Differed Completely

"I question myself all the time if I'm doing OK as a mother."

What's your idea of a perfect mother?


Someone who smiles a lot, never gets angry or tired? 

Someone who can juggle work and household chores all at once, and still have the energy to read their kids a bedtime story at the end of the day?

Most mothers will tell you being able to do all of that sounds more fictional than the love triangle between a sparkling vampire, a high school teen, and her shape-shifting werewolf friend.

But it still makes them wonder — "Am I doing OK as a mother?"

To explore the gaps between the ideals and reality of motherhood, and to infuse some positivity into moms hustling for their kids, Van Houten Cocoa did a little experiment that's sure to make even the coldest hearts melt.

They asked Japanese working moms to share their idea of what being a perfect mother means to them, and if they think they meet the criteria. 

Most of their answers were harsh and self-deprecating.

But then they got to see another video — one with their children being interviewed on the same topic. 

Needless to say, their words differed completely.

So whip out those tissues and watch the full video below:

Know a mother who needs a boost of confidence? Go ahead and share it with her!

(H/T: Japan Today | Grape)


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