There Are No Models Featured In This Refreshing Gap Campaign

But it does feature a hard-working "mamas's girl,"who is also fluent in emoji.

There is a place for everyone in fashion, and Gap's latest spring/summer 2017 campaign, called "I Am Gap," sends this message loud and clear.

Instead of casting models for "I Am Gap," the brand took to the streets to find everyday people to star in their campaign, showing how diverse and beautiful the "real" people of America are.  

Gap provided further explanation for the campaign on their Instagram: 

"To launch our new summer collection, we set out exploring, from coast to coast. Along the way we met truly amazing people (like you). Brave and loving, funny and powerful, complex and strong. You are Gap. And this is our portrait of an American summer. #IAmGap"

The video campaign from Untitled Worldwide celebrates the big and small things that makes each individual unique. 


The campaign includes Chance, a cowboy, bull rider, and "tallest guy in the room."

It also features Ashley, a "Navy brat, a tree-hugger, and a rom-com connoisseur."

Other stars include Hybutalla, a hard-working "mamas's girl," who is also fluent in emoji.

Mark is a self-proclaimed bad dancer, Renaissance man, and son. And there are many other people included in the series.

Gap's inclusion of people of all different backgrounds, who aren't professional models, is important in a world where so many groups lack enough representation in the media, and especially in fashion. The brand's latest campaign calls attention to this problem, and is a step in the right direction toward correcting it.

And this isn't the first time Gap is highlighting the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality. The brand's #CloseThePayGap campaign  also had a socially conscious message behind it by highlighting the importance of equal pay between men and women. Furthermore, the brand's CEO, Jeff Kirwan, recently responded to a 5-year-old girl's request for the brand to feature "cool" shirts for girls like they had in the boy's section. Ellen DeGeneres even teamed up with the brand in 2015 on a range to help empower little girls.

The #IAmGap campaign doesn't just celebrate summer, it also celebrates the beauty of diversity.

(H/T: AdWeek)


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