This Infographic Explains Why It's Good For Employees To Play Games

It's all fun and games.

Stress is a leading factor for an early death due to heart disease or stroke. Stress also suppresses the immune system, making it easier to become sick. In addition to being a health risk, being stressed out also reduces productivity and happiness, which is bad for business.

Several studies have found a pretty ingenious solution: give employees time to play around. 

That's right, recess isn't just for kids anymore. Evidence supports that employees who are given time to truly take a break from work and play a game are more likely to feel refreshed and happier when they sit back down at their desks. Whether it's foosball or billiards, darts or Ping-Pong, voluntarily playing games makes things better around the office.

Check out this infographic that explains 12 reasons why bringing games into the workplace is good for everyone:


Which is your favorite way to beat stress at the office? Let us know in the comments!

Cover image: Shutterstock


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