The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Premiere Proved That HBO Owns Sunday Nights

Good to be back.

Well, we made it. Game of Thrones is the main dish on the cultural menu for another 10 consecutive weeks of our lives. Although (spoilers) the season 6 premiere didn't satisfy hordes of fans' theories about how or if Jon Snow will come back from the dead, it did offer plenty of action elsewhere in the story. Daenerys stood her ground in front of another khal, Sansa and Brienne finally linked up, Arya began a new phase of her torturous training, and Melisandre revealed her true self.

Every new episode is a stark (yep) reminder of just how expansive the show is — several key characters had barely any screen time in the premiere, and few more didn't appear at all. If you're a big fan of Game of Thrones, this fact and its return at top form probably just spiked your craving for more season 6 episodes. Now.

According to data gathered by SurveyMonkey, the numbers would seem to back this theory. Using SurveyMonkey Intelligence, the company was able to put together detailed metrics about who was watching, when they were watching, and even some fun facts about what viewers think will happen next.


First, the increase in HBO users from last week to this week's premiere:

Then the spike in usage around the time of the show's release:

Other networks smartly chose not to compete with "Game of Thrones" in its primary 9 p.m. time slot:

Last week, SurveyMonkey made sure to get the real feelings on who might die next:

And an overwhelming majority thinks a certain someone won't be gone for long:

For an even deeper dive, check out SurveyMonkey's blog post crunching the numbers.

Cover image: GameofThrones via YouTube


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