Watch Ramsay Bolton And Theon Greyjoy Of 'Game Of Thrones' Finally Kiss And Make Up

Frankly, it's weird enough to see them smile.

Season 6 of HBO's flagship series Game of Thrones is just a few days away from engulfing the entertainment world for 10 straight weeks. The lead up has been full of ambiguous sneak peeks, discussions of the show's alleged sexism, and even crossover promotions benefitting real world issues. Two characters that haven't gotten much time in the limelight, however, are Theon Greyjoy and Ramsay Bolton.

The two have a notoriously, um, strained relationship that's taken the master-slave dynamic to disturbing places. It's gotten so brutal at times that any suggestion that Alfie Allen and Iwan Rheon — the actors who respectively portray them — are friends offscreen is difficult to believe. So it's a boon to their image that Jimmy Kimmel, mender of all strife, had them join his show this week to debunk any theories of ill will towards each other.

After debuting an exclusive new clip of Theon on the run with Sansa, Kimmel then prompted Allen and Rheon to prove their friendship by hugging for the audience, and hug they did. Even Michael McElhatton, who plays Ramsay's father Roose, joined in on the love.


Watch the new clip and touching embrace below:

And for good measure, here's the final event promo in advance of Sunday's premiere:


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