Leading Ladies From 'Game Of Thrones' Share How They Want It All To End

"She's reunited with her whole family — even the dead ones."

Leading Ladies From 'Game Of Thrones' Share How They Want It All To End

It'll be an end of an era, but Game of Thrones will eventually be over. (We know how you feel, we're sorry to bring it up like this.) 

How it all ends remains to be seen, but we all have our hopes about who will sit on the Iron Throne in the last moments. Of course, the cast members themselves have their own ideas. 

In a video for Entertainment Weekly, GoT's leading ladies pitch their ultimate endings. Khaleesi, for one, has some interesting ideas. "I get to Westeros riding on the back of my dragon, and we hang a right past Hollywood, and we pick up a few beautiful men to jump on the dragon with me and we pick up The Throne," she said. "We take that throne and the beautiful men, and we take it to the Caribbean. We plant that throne in the Caribbean and we just chill out. That's it. That's the ending." 

Arya, on the other hand, thinks it'll be time to give herself the limelight. "Listen, the nasty characters, they've been really, really great for story arcs. But it's time to ditch them and let Arya rise to the top."  

See how Sansa, Cersei, Margaery, and Brienne think things should end in the video below: 


Yeah, things get a little dark and twisty with Brienne's version, but who knows? We wouldn't be dumb enough to put anything past the show's creators after all we've been through. 


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