'Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington Teases Season 6, Toys With Fans' Hope

Will Jon Snow be back? Yes. Or no. Or kind of.

Ever since a certain controversial scene happened at the tail end of Game Of Thrones season 5, fans have speculated endlessly about what'll happen in the show when it returns for season 6. Is Jon Snow alive? Is he dead? Is he going to come back as a White Walker? It seems cruel that one of the show's main characters and fan favorites is probably gone, but nothing about George R.R. Martin's world has ever been anything less than sadistic. Life in Westeros just isn't fair.

Poor Kit Harington has been mercilessly prodded for clues as to his character's fate ever since the season 5 finale, on everything from his travels to the set of the show to his hairstyle. A recent interview on BBC Breakfast was no different, with Harington deflecting questions about Jon Snow like the professional, tight-lipped Game of Thrones PR man that he's become.

"I think anyone who wants to know what happens in season 6 has to wait until it comes out," he remarked calmly. "All I can tell you is Jon Snow is dead. He died at the end of last season."

When host Bill Turnbull kept pushing, though, Harington cracked — just a tiny, tiny bit. "It's going to be an exciting season," he said, before quickly adding, "so I'm led to believe."

Clearly he feels like he needs to go out of his way to show that he's not involved, which would suggest that he is in some way. What form that would be in is very unclear, however — although he was spotted on the season 6 set, it's entirely possible he was just there to be a body at Jon Snow's funeral or something of the sort.

And if Jon Snow doesn't end up back alive like you want him to in your heart of hearts, try watching other Thrones actors' original auditions over and over again to pretend like the good old days are just beginning again.

Cover image: Game of Thrones via YouTube


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