So This Is Probably The Most Involved 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Art Ever Created

Snowshoeing just to get somewhere is hard enough.

The Game of Thrones season 6 premiere is a little less than seven weeks away, and now that an official trailer has been released, fans are sure to turn their excitement into overdrive. Because the series has now caught up to just about every storyline in the books, no one knows the fate of beloved characters who are still alive, as well as ones presumed to be dead. Die-hard readers of the books are probably a little more than pissed at author George R.R. Martin for that fact, but even if they won't admit it, they're probably just as pumped for the show's new episodes.

On the topic of die-hard fandom, a recent piece, nay, landscape of art depicting the signature dire wolf emblem and Game of Thrones' famous "Winter is Coming" tagline has gone above and beyond. England's Sky Atlantic enlisted the services of "snow artist" Simon Beck to put the huge project together, which is the size of two and a half soccer fields. After strapping on his snowshoes somewhere in the French Alps, Beck spent 13 hours taking 64,800 steps across carefully plotted coordinates, and the craziest part is he had no idea what it would look like until he was done.


Watch the process and incredible final product for yourself:


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