Spotify Will Tell You Your 'Game Of Thrones' Character Through The Majesty Of Song(s)

Apparently Varys is an EDM bro.

This weekend, millions of rabid Game of Thrones fans will park themselves on couches around the world to dive straight into the unknown waters of a Westeros that George R.R. Martin hasn't published yet. Because any major pop culture event is a great excuse for a party, many of said fans will probably get together in the hours before to drink wine like Tyrion and engage in deep conversation like Hodor.

Luckily for these raging GoT-heads, Spotify has queued up a nice gimmick to aid in the parties just ahead of the weekend. By logging in at, anyone can be assigned a Game of Thrones character and get a playlist tailored to their tastes. The way it works is quite simple: Spotify just scans the music you already listen to and gives you a playlist based on it, similar to Discover Weekly. But it is pretty fun to have different people try out the feature and see which characters are attached to which styles of music.

For example, if you like EDM, apparently you're a Varys, and if you like pop punk, you're a Bran Stark. It's unclear exactly why that's the case, but go ahead and try it yourself anyway. At the very least you'll get a good laugh, and if you're lucky you might get an even better playlist.

(H/T: The Verge)

Cover image: Spotify


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