If You Were Looking For An Airbnb Rental In Westeros, These Locations Are Prime For The Taking

No, they do not come with a crown or dragons. OK, maybe dragons.

If you were looking for a place to stay during your next vacation, we've got the perfect destination for you ... Westeros!


Once you get a look at these prime locations, you won't want to go anywhere else. It should be noted that A Plus takes a 15 percent gratuity on all referrals to Westeros. Just being transparent.

But why would you want to stay in any regular hotel with drunks, thieves, and who knows what else?

Instead, these awesome "Heirbnb" rentals offer up the most perfect spots to kick back and pound some good wine.

Forget that European mountain resort. You can stay on top of the Vale of Arryn, with your own giant hole to oblivion.

Mashable/Max Knoblauch

What's a vacation without dragons? We don't know. That's why Daenerys' "Private Dragon Basement" in the Meereen catacombs is the perfect spot. To note, it is also fireproof.

Mashable/Max Knoblauch

Ever dream of being an actual part of nature, particularly a tree with the ability to travel back into the past? Pefect! We have just the spot in Bran's tree with plenty of "dope birds."

Mashable/Max Knoblauch

You can see all the offerings on Mashable

(H/T: Max Knoblauch


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