Dance Group Completely Slays Their Afrobeat Routine

Sweet moves.

"Ukwu," a thumping song by Nigerian artist TIMAYA has inspired Swedish Dance Company Galang Crew to make a dance video featuring some sweet moves.

Posted last February, the footage of their routine is going viral again, and for good reason. The crew performs their routine almost perfectly, in complete unison, with moves that put pop, lock and droppin' it to shame.

The group's choreographer, Sara Galen, typically specializes in Afrobeat — a combination of Nigerian and Ghanian music — which is the style they dance to below.


If this is the first time you're seeing these moves, don't be fooled. Afrobeat, a rich musical genre with roots in Western Africa, has been around for some time. From early pioneers like Fela Kuti, known for his big bands and jaunty live performances to the more compact, modern incarnations like TIMAYA, it's a form that continues to evolve.


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