While Filming The New 'Wonder Woman,' Gal Gadot Visited A Children's Hospital In Costume

"You are a true Wonder Woman."

Gal Gadot put her Wonder Woman costume to good use on Friday as she visited Inova Children's Hospital in Virginia. The actress is currently in the area filming Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to Patty Jenkins' 2017 hit movie, and what better way to spend her time off?

Hospital staff and parents shared photos from Gadot's visit on social media, thanking the star for taking the time to put some smiles on the faces there. "You are a true Wonder Woman. The kids loved it…and so did the staff," wrote Dr. Lucas Collazo, alongside a photo of the actress posing with a group of employees.

Inova Health, meanwhile, tweeted that it was "honored" to have Gadot visit. As staff member Jamie Gentille wrote on Instagram, "So grateful for the stunningly gorgeous and kind Gal Gadot for bringing her superpowers to the kids at work!!!" She added the hashtag #ilovemyjob.

As Mashable points out, Gadot appears to have gifted patients with toys, coloring books, and autographed pictures. Kelly Swink Sahady, the mother of a baby at the hospital, shared photos of the gifts, as well as some sweet shots of Gadot holding her daughter.

Gadot isn't the only superhero to spread joy at a children's hospital. In 2016, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (aka Thor and Loki) visited kids with Thor's hammer Mjolnir while filming Thor: Ragnarok in Australia. Before that, fellow Marvel actors Chris Evans and Chris Pratt made a Super Bowl bet, which ended with them visiting children's hospitals in Boston and Seattle.

Wonder Woman 1984, also to be directed by Patty Jenkins, is set to be released on November 1, 2019.

(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)

Cover image: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com


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