#GainingWeightIsCool Proves Being Healthy Can Look Different For Different People

"Change our perception of what 'healthy' looks like from the outside."

New Year's resolutions frequently involve losing weight, but the #GainingWeightIsCool Instagram hashtag is spreading the message that getting in shape doesn't necessarily mean shedding  pounds — for some, doing just the opposite is what it takes to get healthy. 


Users are posting photos of themselves accompanied by stories about why gaining weight is cool to them. Some are sharing pictures of the muscles they have built up, while others are sharing their stories about recovering from eating disorders. Then there are those who are simply vowing to not care what the number on the scale says.

Each story is unique, but the thing they have in common is that they are celebrating the way their bodies look now.

One Instagram user says of the movement, "Let's continue to change our perception of what 'healthy' looks like from the outside."

Check out some of the #GainingWeightIsCool posts below:

(H/T: Shape)


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