This Is What Contraceptives Will Look Like In The Future

It's an exciting time.

Good news for those who like to get it on without getting anyone pregnant: Tons of research is going into developing new and improved contraceptives. The days of relying on a flimsy condom or having only one person bear the responsibilty of taking birth control could soon be over.

LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, a U.K.-based medical information website, put the evolution of contraceptives into one handy infographic to see just how far we've come in having safe sex — and also where we're headed. It includes exciting new forms of birth control expected to arrive as early as next year.

With birth control injections for men, an oral pill that gives them the same pleasures of ejaculation without the semen and even a remote control contraceptive for women on the horizon, the future is looking bright.


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