Artist Depicts The Awful Fate Of Disney Animals If They Had Fallen Victim To The Fur Industry

This is no "furry" tale.

Mink may be the latest trend in coats, but having it may cost the lives of hundreds of animals. In fact, more than 50 million animals are killed every year in the name of fashion.

But one Middle Eastern pop artist, self-dubbed "POPlitically incorrect," wants to change that. He goes by the pseudonym Saint Hoax, and uses his or her talent — and Disney — to raise awareness about important social issues. 

The latest series is called "Furry Tale" and depicts beloved Disney animal sidekicks and stars as brutalized and skinned. Similar to their last series showing Disney characters as victims of domestic abuse and eating disorders, Saint Hoax created this series to help stop the fur trade, an issue he or she says has "always bothered" them.

The artist explained to A+ in an email why they chose to use the Disney creatures we've all come to know and love:

We grew up watching and loving these characters. Seeing them vulnerable and skinned helps people understand the cruelty of the fur industry. Although these characters are meant to be animals, they tend to remind us of humans because they're are given personalities, emotions, background stories and often voices. For that, seeing them bloody and tortured speaks to people that aren't generally sympathetic towards the usual skinned animal photos. 

They also said the animals they depicted them as alive and skinned, because that's often how the cruelty plays out in real life. According to an Express, an online news source in the UK, animals are skinned and often even electrocuted alive.

"A lot of people have told me that they ended up researching different topics after encountering my work," he told A+. "That's exactly what I want them to do."

Check out Saint Hoax's work below and head over to his Instagram page for more art.


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