These 14 Weird Welcome Signs Will Make You Do A Double Take

#11 took us a minute.

Welcome signs are the first impression visitors get when venturing to a new town. And after seeing these, you may want to add a few stops to your next road trip.


1. With only two grouches, it's hard to resist Whitesburg.

Whitesburg, Kentucky. 

2. Canada can't pass up a good pun.

Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

3. They're hopeful here.

Rennie, Manitoba. 

4. Be careful how you tell family where you are.

Accident, Maryland. 

5. Texas knows what's up.

Happy, Texas. 

6. On a sadder note...

Heppner, Oregon. 

7. This Kansas town breaks the ice with a little fart humor.

Gas, Kansas. 

8. Why aren't we surprised, Florida?

Ormond Beach, Florida. 

9. Thanks!

Weed, California. 

10. Where did people live before that?

Earth, Texas. 

11. No idea what to expect here, Arkansas.

Toad Suck, Arkansas.

12. We can understand the confusion.

Gettysburg, South Dakota. 

13. At least they're honest.

Boring, Oregon. 

14. This one speaks for itself.

Climax, Georgia. 

(H/T: Oddee)

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