Here Are 17 Remarkable Ways To Hold A Baby That You've Never Heard Of Before

No babies were harmed in the making of this video.

There's no doubt that parenthood forces people to be more creative.

Whether it's turning your kids' lunches into edible masterpieces just so they eat their veggies, or lip-syncing your toddler's temper tantrums to avoid disaster, or inventing genius parenting hacks to make sure you don't go legally insane – parenting is a form of art.

So give it up for Internet's latest parenting virtuoso, Jordan Watson – an incredibly creative dad from New Zealand, who came up with 17 novel ways to hold a baby.


Watson's instructional video starts off with simple tricks, such as 'Standard Shoulder Hold' and 'Reverse Standard Shoulder Hold.'

But then he moves to more complex methods, like "Baby Jesus" and "Double Baby Jesus."

The next one is really good for the baby's posture...

"The Dance Partner."

"The Show Off To Other Dads Superman" and many more.

Check out Watson's video below to see all of his priceless baby holding tips.


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