17 Silly Valentine's Day Cards For Those Who Like A Little Humor With Their Chocolate

"I promise to tolerate you even when you can't decide where you want to eat."

People seem to have a lot of feelings about Valentine's Day. Some love it and go all out to celebrate. Others believes it's merely a made-up holiday solely created for commercial purposes. But you've got to admit, it's kind of nice there's a day specifically for love. Plus, the holiday gives us a little more motivation to get our thoughts and feelings for the ones we love down on paper. 


But who doesn't like a little humor with their hearts and chocolates? Why not add some silliness by professing your love in an entertaining card? In case you want to, we rounded up some of our favorite funny Valentine's Day cards this year from creative artists on Etsy. 

Here's some unique cards for every couple: 

1. For the couple who has no issues being comfortable around one another.

2. For the couple who can end an IKEA adventure on a positive note.

3. For the couple who has toilet roll changing issues in their bathroom.

4. For the couple who spends a little too much time deciding on a restaurant.

5. For the couple who wants to make it abundantly clear what Valentine's Day night will be like.

6. For the couple who loves gaming, but not more than they love each other.

7. For the couple who met online.

8. And for the one whose glad they were honest about what they look like.

8. For the couple who loves food puns.

9. For the couple who keep each other warm.

10. For the couple who always wakes up with the covers on one side of the bed.

11. For the couple who really loves 'The Great British Bake-Off' and knows the importance of nice layers.

12. For the couple who knows what they want.

13. For the couple who knows a little too much about one another.

14. For the couple who knows that shaved legs are reserved for special occasions.

15. For the couple who wants the card to speak for itself.

16. For the couple who believed in happy endings.

17. And one for the couple that's been together long enough to remember each other's away messages.


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