11 People Who Tried To Shoot Their Shot On Tinder With Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

"Actually, I'm Finnish. Finnish with this conversation."

Your opening line on a dating app can be the difference between being unmatched and finding your next significant other. Or, at least, your significant other for tonight. So, if you want to get anywhere, "hey" and "what's up?" just aren't going to cut it. Luckily, the challenge to get someone to respond is one that many Tinder users tackle with joy. 

We've seen pick-up lines that make us laugh, others that are impressively creative, and way too many that make us roll our eyes. Striking up a conversation with a total stranger is inherently awkward, so you can't blame people for trying to shoot their shot. But you also can't blame people on the other side of the message for shooting them the hell down. 


But sometimes, a good pick-up line pays off. Puns and poems have become a popular first message choice for many people on Tinder, and we've seen some pretty creative, and extremely cheesy ones, as of late. 

People love sharing screenshots of their clever Tinder pick-up lines — whether they hit or miss. 

We've rounded up a few notable ones below.  

1. This user who spoke exclusively in cheesy poems.

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2. These users who spent nearly three years being sorry for the late reply.

3. This user who saw the value in no "L".

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4. This user who didn't get the date quite right.

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5. And this one who did.

6. This user whose analogy backfired.

7. This user who opened with a life or death scenario.

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8. This user who tried not-so-clever word play on for size.

9. This user who gave out some options and fired back with some quality 'Game of Thrones' material.

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10. This user who got the multiple choice question answer he wanted.

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11. This user who wasn't afraid to share a book idea.

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Cover image via Unsplash 


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