Sister Perfectly Captures The Struggles Of Not Being Engaged In One Photo

There is so much sass in that wine glass.

When you hit your 20s, and especially your 30s, the engagement posts on social media pop up like zits on a middle schooler.

For Lauren, one of four sisters ranging in age from 26 to 32, the engagements and subsequent marriages were/are right under her nose. In a photo taken to mark her youngest sister's engagement, oldest sister Lauren (far right) responded accordingly.


Arlene Nisson Lassin shared the photo and Lauren's story with The Huffington Post, where it went viral. But Lassin says not to worry, because Lauren, a popular DJ in her area, is just fine.

"In fact she told her father that her birthday gift to him is his not having to pay for her wedding this year," Lassin wrote.

Wine is a perfect substitute for a ring, anyway. 


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