Here's What Goes Through A Guy's Head When His Crush's Relationship Status Changes to 'Single'

"Baby, won't you come my waaaaay?"

When you're single, having a crush on someone can be a fun, easy way to "get back out there" while still focusing on your individual priorities and figuring out what you want in life. 

If you start flirting with your crush and want to pursue something more with them, that's great — unless they're in a relationship. While you'd never want them to break up with their significant other, if opportunity were to knock ... you've gotta answer it. And if you're lucky, you'll answer it with a hilarious video reaction. 

At least, that's what these guys did on Twitter

If you've ever wondered how the average guy reacts to his crush changing their relationship status, here's 6 hilarious insights into the male mind:


1. "Interesting. Very, very interesting ... "

1. "Finally, my moment has come! Time to woo her with my smooth moves ... "

2. " ... And some smooth jazz."

4. "I'll just casually introduce myself."

3. "And next thing you know, I'll be sliding into her heart ... or at least her DMs."

5. "Sure, I've been standing on the sidelines for a while, but I was just, you know, scoping out the scene."

6. "But now, one way or another, I'm gonna make sure she notices me."


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