17 Incredibly Foolish Questions And Answers That Make Absolutely No Sense

Where did these questions come from?

You've filled them out on a job application or for customer service purposes, but some questionnaires are just really pointless. Sometimes it's the questions and sometimes it's the answers, but they can all be tedious and borderline dumb at times. So when you're faced with ridiculous questions, you need to counter with ridiculous answers.

Here are 17 weird questionnaires with crazy questions and answers that you won't believe:


1. Kinda backed into a corner here.

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2. What's the point of these questions?

I would not have thought to add these to an application questionnaire...

3. Harsh questions.

to the meth question guy, I present you the questionnaire for a tourist visa in the US

4. An honest answer.


5. I think we know the answer.

This weekend's questionnaire. Did I pass?

6. Calm down.

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7. Hope you don't see this on a job application.

Several months ago when I was filling out a questionnaire for a job I came across these two questions:

8. Just looking for some answers.

Questionnaire Problems

9. This is not a trick question.

This brilliant question was on the fifth page of the questionnaire

10. We're all sometimes childish.

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11. Wrong answer.

Taking an online survey when suddenly

12. Open-ended questions.

I had an interview today and they gave me a questionnaire about "core values" in Comic Sans. I have a follow up on Thursday.

13. Weird question that is presented.

Health & Safety Questionnaire

14. Only one answer here.

Are you a liar? Questionnaire form.

15. Have you ever danced on the refrigerator?

Decided to take a survey. Here's what they asked BEFORE the survey.

16. Ask an artist.

While doing a job application questionnaire...

17. Best answer choice ever.

Always, survey. Always.


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