Preschoolers' Cookbook Includes Ingredients Such As 'Backpack,' 'Toys,' And 'Doll'

"The oven has to be hot like a fire ... like a candle ... like for birthdays."

A lot of young students get the opportunity to share their favorite recipe in a class cookbook. In most cases, kids get a little help from their parents and teachers so the final product reads like a traditional cookbook you can buy at the bookstore.

That's not the case with every cookbook as evidenced by a snippet of a cookbook Twitter user Jordan Adams shared on Twitter. In the tweet, he explained that his nephew Ethan's pre-K class made a cookbook and the kids were tasked with coming up with all the recipes.


He said they're "so much better than I could have imagined," and we couldn't agree more.

The cookbook does follow a traditional format of providing serving suggestions, prep time, cooking time, ingredients, instructions, and even a cost, but it still allows the students to get creative and share their adorably hilarious thoughts.

For example, the instructions for "Ariana's Macaroni" state that "The oven has to be hot like a fire ... like a candle ... like for birthdays." 

The recipe also includes some unique ingredients such as toys, backpack, doll, and strawberries. Ariana added a note about the last one explaining, "I like them because they're healthy."

Another recipe for "Joe's Tacos" sees the author a bit uncertain about the serving size, cost, and where to buy the ingredients. When it comes to the instructions, he writes, "First, I don't actually know. I really don't remember anything. Can I change this to cheesy roll ups?"

Since pages of the recipe book were shared on Twitter on May 16, the tweet has received 180K likes. Although some of the recipes are a tad unconventional, many users are loving the kids' creativity and even stating that they would buy a copy of the cookbook.

Because who wouldn't want a taste of Sebastian's pancakes that include salt ... and only salt? 

(H/T: Popsugar)

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