19 Cheeky Mother's Day Cards That Will Remind Your Mom How Lucky She Is To Have You

"All moms give birth to a child. Except you, Mom. You gave birth to a legend."

Mother's Day is around the corner and, even if your gift idea is terrible or nonexistent, everyone knows the best part of any parental present is the card. She wants to see those sweet, appreciative words you never say out loud written out in your sad excuse for handwriting. Your personal touch will give her all the feels. 

But, just in case you want to deliver those thoughtful words in an entertaining vessel, we've rounded up some of our favorite funny cards from artists on Etsy. Support creative artisans when you can, y'all. 

Here's some unique cards for every mom: 


1. For the mom who never forgets to call.

2. For the mom who has strong feelings for Donald Trump.

3. For the mom who needs your permission.

4. For the mom who needs a reminder of how great you truly are.

5. For the mom who loves sharing a cold one with you.

6. For the mom who deserves an apology.

7. For the mom who loves "The Golden Girls."

8. For the super attractive mom.

9. For the mom you're still living with.

10. For the mom who appreciates a good hashtag.

11. For the mom who wishes you'd win the lottery.

12. For the mom who's obsessed with "Gilmore Girls" as much as you are.

13. For the mom who's been working on her fitness goals.

14. For the mom who rivals Beyoncé.

15. For the mom who always knows when an avocado is perfectly ripe.

16. For the mom who never said "No."

17. For the mom who gave you your good looks.

18. For the mom who always picks you up.

19. For the mom who doesn't mind something a little corny.

Or, you could just make her one yourself. Moms love that shit.


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