Warning: At First These Seem Funny But Then You Might Get Sad

At least you can laugh/drink away the pain

We've all been there... 

Staring down into the purple, wine-stained, glossy insides of an empty bottle. It stares back, disappointed in you and your pathetic attempt at blissful oblivion. It's a tough moment to accept. This bottle, who you thought would be your drinking buddy for the night, has turned on you and now the expression on its face is filled with judgement and pity.  

These nine wine bottles, created by Vinepair, know you better than you know yourself — and say the things that nobody else has the heart to say. 


1. Admit it, you were definitely about to make things awkward for the 133 people who follow you.

2. It's like a sloppier version of "Freaky Friday" up in here.

3. Shaken, not stirred.

4. Hmm, sounds like the party's just getting started?

5. We get it — you chose pizza over love. It's perfectly understandable.

6. It's a good thing wine bottles have strong shoulders.

7. There's always enough money for wine.

8. Remember what happened last time...

9. Yes, yes you are.


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