This Guy's 'Low-Cost Cosplay' Is Priceless In Its Hilarity

You'll never look at your favorite characters the same way again.

Cosplay, a combination of "costume" and "play," is a fun and creative way for people of all ages to celebrate their favorite fictional characters — from fairytales to comic books to anime — by dressing up as them. 

 If you've ever seen pictures from Comic-Con, or gone yourself, you've seen cosplay. While many diehard fans spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours making custom costumes, the stunning and elaborate final products are well worth it when Comic-Con and other similar events roll around. 

But cosplay isn't just for strutting your stuff at giant conventions. Anyone can create their own cosplay at home with everyday objects, including food. One Thai "cosplay enthusiast," Anucha Sangchart, has mastered the art of low-cost cosplay — with some pretty hilarious results: 


1. With just a t-shirt and fruit snacks, he invites you to become part of his low-cost cosplay world ...

2. ... Where he's harnessed the power to go from Sensodyne to sea witch in seconds.

2. No one says, "Hello," quite like this kitty.

3. A Belle-o dressed in Jell-o certainly lives up to her namesake.

4. E.T. nose home.

5. Rapunzel let down her angel hair.

6. He rewrote "The Jungle Book" into a comedy of epic proportions.

7. Want to be Elsa? Just add (frozen) water.

9. His heart — and hilarious cosplay ideas — will go on.

Sangchart posts even more of his own low-cost cosplay pictures, as well as submissions from others, to his official Facebook page and Instagram


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