21 Ridiculous Father's Day Cards You Should Probably Get Your Dad This Year

"Thanks for letting mom spend all your hard-earned money on me."

Father's Day is coming up quick, which means it's time to figure out what you're going to do to show your dad you appreciate him. Gifts and gestures are all well and good, but Father's Day is the perfect time to tell your dad the things you don't say often enough — or at all. 

Sometimes saying those things aloud to our fathers can be awkward, so we rounded up some silly cards to write your feelings in. 

Check out our favorites below: 


1. For the dad who loved picking you up.

2. For the dad who dealt with some angsty teenage years.

3. For the dad who has strong feelings for Donald Trump.

4. For the dad who effortlessly got rid of pests.

5. For the dad who knows a good dad joke when he tells one.

6. For the dad that deserves a few apologies.

7. For the dad who needs a little extra encouragement.

8. For the dad who can appreciate a solid Maury Povich joke.

9. For the dad who appreciates something a little cheesy.

10. For the dad who doesn't mind a vulgar joke.

11. For the dad who loves "Star Wars."

12. For the dad you're still living with.

13. For the dad whose text messages are often plagued by autocorrect.

14. For the dad who wishes you'd just tie the knot already.

15. For the dad who knows how he likes his steaks.

16. For the dad who didn't mind spending a little extra on you.

17. For the dad who always knew best.

18. For the dad who can appreciate a good pun.

19. For the dad with the ultimate dad bod.

20. For the dad who rocks socks with sandals.

21. For the dad who always has the answer.


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