19 Awkward Faces Made By Athletes That Are Funny And Cringe-Worthy

Good thing smiling is not a sport.

Every time a professional athlete is playing a game, the photographers are taking like a million photos. And every now and then, there's a photo of an athlete making a ridiculous face. If there a gold medal for funny faces, all of these athletes might win.

Here are 19 funny faces that athletes made that you won't believe happened and we're still laughing:


1. Two funny faces here.

2. Yeah ... hit that tennis ball.

3. That's using your head.

4. This guy is focused.

5. Keep swimming.

6. He can't believe that he is hitting the ball.

7. She looks angry.

8. Incoming!

9. Wonder what she's thinking about?

10. He looks a little crazy.

11. You don't even know what this guy's face means.

12. She looks scared.

13. He's just trying to look funny.

14. He's about to crush it and then makes this brilliant face.

15. He looks way too intense.

16. What is he doing?

17. You don't have to be so serious.

18. He looks like he is about to fall asleep.

19. Too many funny faces.


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