A Dad-Of-Nine Is Selling His 'Struggle Bus' On Craigslist. And The Ad Is Hilarious.

"The van is clean now, but it will probably always be inhabited by the ghost of vomit past."

When people try to sell their used stuff online, they often highlight the best qualities to make it as enticing as possible. Dad Josh Wood decided to take a different approach when he opted to sell his 15-passenger van on Craigslist.


The father-of-nine decided to keep it real and highlight what the 'Struggle Bus' is actually like.

The Amarillo, Texas resident listed the 2005 Ford E350 XL Extended 15 Passenger Van for $3,800 on July 25. He starts off by saying, "In the interest of full disclosure, here's more information and a partial list of its issues. Please read before making an offer. Thanks!"

He proceeds to list just some of the unique characteristics the Ford van has, such as the rubber door liner which is partially detached in some places and "looks stupid" when the door is opened and a yellow scuff on the side of the van.

Wood makes it clear that they're a big family so the van has been through a number of sicknesses. 

"We're a family of 11. Every one of our children has thrown up in this van at some point in the past decade."

He states that the most notable time was on a 2015 trip which he provides further detail about it on his website. He continues, "We have had the van detailed a couple times since then (shout out to Xtreme Auto Re-Styling Center for tackling a level of depravity unrivaled in the world of passenger transport.)" 

"The van is clean now, but it will probably always be inhabited by the ghost of vomit past."

Wood outlines that the automatic windows work, but the A/C doesn't. Furthermore, the "Struggle Bus" has a cracked windshield and is missing a speaker in the side door. And there could be surprises inside. "My kids have been throwing random items in the speaker hole for years," the dad says. "So, you may end up with some very special treasures. Or really old chicken nuggets. Probably both."

"My wife and I have used this van for the better part of a decade. We're a lovely couple, but we sometimes inadvertently back into inanimate objects," he continues, "Also, we've been forced to take defensive driving class a few more times than the average American."

Potential buyers should take note that Wood has also included a Q&A section at the end of the ad.

It wasn't long before the brutally honest ad went viral. Wood shared an update on the Craigslist post on July 30. "Wow. Thanks so much for all of the interest! I've loved reading your many emails, responses, and commiserations (yes, I googled to make sure that was a real word)," he stated. "Solidarity, fellow parents and vomit van drivers." On his blog, he explained that he received hundreds of emails from across the country plus some from Canada and Europe.

Wood continued telling The Wichita Eagle that it has been a "surprising ride" with the response the ad has received. "Many of the messages are from fellow parents and drivers of moderately broken, moderately smelly, and entirely well used vans," he said. "The stories have been making my wife and I smile and laugh and laugh all week — mainly because many of the stories are eerily similar to those of The Struggle Bus. It's been kind of awesome."

On July 31, he confirmed that the "Struggle Bus" had been sold proving that honesty and a viral ad can be the keys to a fast sale.

(H/T: PopSugar)


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