13 Families Who Had A Little Too Much Fun With Their Back-To-School Photos

Going back to class in style.

Whether students are going into grade one, five, or even the 22nd grade, that first day can be celebrated as a milestone. Many pose for photos of themselves with backpacks and signs stating what grade they're going into, but some families are getting more creative by putting their own hilarious twists on back-to-school photos. They're involving excited parents, pets, and sometimes a well-placed prop.

Scroll down to see some our favorite back-to-school photos. 


1. The family who celebrated the kids' first days of school and the dad's 6,287th day of work.

2. The mom who joyfully celebrated her kids going back to school.

3. The one brother who was excited for school, and the other who definitely wasn't.

Back to School #ThugLife

4. The mom who "Bye, Felicia'd" her daughter for her back-to-school photo.

5. The mom who jumped for joy that her kids were going back to school.

6. The mom who celebrated the first day of class as her kids pouted.

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7. The man who celebrated going into the "31st grade."

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8. The boy who realized what the start of school means.

9. The boy who summed up the difference between the first day of school and the second day.

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10. The mom who celebrated her "first day of freedom."

11. The little girl who captured the emotions of the start of the first day of school and the end of it.

12. The parents who celebrated the first day of school in high style.

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13. The mom who celebrated going back to school with champagne.


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